La Palabre: Ré-imaginer le passé

Building a Decolonial Library

Food and Discussions, in German and English. At Berlin Global Village, Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin. June 14, 18.00 h

La Palabre: Ré-imaginer le passé

Building a Decolonial Library
Friday 14. June, 18.00 h

For this special edition of LA PALABRE at Berlin Global Village, we invite our guests to cook together and discuss the issues surrounding the exhibition Ré-imaginer le passé currently on view at the KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art. In a small La Palabre group we share food and stories, re-imagining the past and possible futures.

As this evening comes together with all of you, we invite you to bring a book and a bread––your favorite bread, bought or baked by yourself, and if you cannot find it or make it in Berlin, just tell us about it, draw it, or sing it. The book can be connected to the themes of Ré-imaginer le passé, building towards a decolonial library, or just something you would like to share with us for this evening. If the thought or imaginary transcends the book format, just bring any form you like, ephemeral or tangible.

What futures are possible from our shared history? Which pasts deserve to be told? How can knowledge be questioned today? And why is knowledge a construction of world orders? These are the initial questions of Ré-imaginer le passé, curated by Mahret Ifeoma Kupka, Isabel Raabe, Ibou C. Diop, and Malick Ndiaye. Ré-imaginer le passé is more than just an exhibition — it is an ambitious research journey spanning several months, a collaboration between curators, thinkers and artists from the African continent, the diaspora, Germany and India, conceived in multiple workshops in Dakar at Musée Théodore Monod, first shown in Dakar, and now in Berlin. The aim of this participatory project is to reinterpret our past and develop alternative narratives for the future. The central question: Can a different understanding of our stories lead to a new ethics of relationship between the global South and the global North?

Curated by Isabel Raabe & Celina Basra.

Admission: 6 €


Please note that the event will not take place at KINDL but opposite at the Berlin Global Village!

A small insight into the books brought along.