Memory of Understanding 2

Sound Performance & Conversation with Elsa M'Bala

Sound Performance & Conversation with the Artist moderated by Ibou C. Diop. At the KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art (M0) Am Sudhaus 3, Berlin-Neukölln. In English & German, Free admission.

As part of the ongoing exhibition Ré-imaginer le passé at the KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art Elsa M'Bala will present a live radio show unfolding in space, using music tapes she found in Dakar, Senegal: an all-encompassing archive of 50000 music tapes from the African continent spanning over 40 years. The Ass Niang Collection includes a myraid of genres, including rumba, highlife, mbalax and makossa.

Elsa M’Bala is one of the rare female sound artists of African descent. By using technology as an empowering tool and through her own keen observations, she explores further the interconnections between race, gender, technology and spirituality. 


© Elsa M'Bala
© Elsa M'Bala
Curator Isabel Raabe introducing Elsa M'Bala.
Elsa M'Balas Soundperformance
Elsa M'Balas Soundperformance
Part of the Ass Niang Collection bought by Elsa M'Bala.
Files played by Elsa M'Bala throughout the performance.
Elsa M'Bala in Conversation with curator Ibou C. Diop after the Performance