Deep Down Tidal

Tabita Rezaire

Talking Objects showed Tabita Rezaire’s brilliant video essay »Deep Down Tidal« (2017) in the context of the online event »Mapping Academia/The Pathways of Healing and Caring« in cooperation with 1014 New York on Dec 17, 2022. We are happy to screen it online (see below).

„In ›Deep Down Tidal‹ (2017), Tabita Rezaire investigates the ocean as the location and medium of colonialist and neo-colonialist power structures. The film revolves around the theory of ›electronic colonialism‹, which explains the Western domination over digital technologies as a strategy pursued by post-industrial countries to enforce their power over the rest of the world. Through an assemblage of cosmic forms, human bodies, and distorted tele-communications, Tabita Rezaire’s visual narrative shows how, in the contemporary era, the battleground of the colonizers has shifted from the physical land to the digital arena.“

(Source: HDKV website)

Tabita Rezaire is infinity longing to experience itself in human form. Her path as an artist, devotee, yogi, doula, and soon to be farmer is all geared towards manifesting the divine in herself and beyond. As an eternal seeker, Tabita’s yearning for connection finds expression in her cross-dimensional practices, which envision network sciences - organic, electronic and spiritual - as healing technologies to serve the shift towards heart consciousness. 
Tabita is based near Cayenne in French Guyana, where she is currently studying Agriculture and birthing AMAKABA - her vision for collective healing in the Amazonian forest. Tabita is devoted to becoming a mother to the world.

Tabita Rezaire, Deep Down Tidal, 2017